Best Price Squre Type 60mm AC Gear and Induction Motor

Best Price Squre Type 60mm AC Gear and Induction Motor

How to Study:
1. Motor:
2    I    K    six    R  GN –  C   T
a    b   c    d     e     f     g    h

a. Frame  measurement: two = 60mm
b. I: Induction Motor 
   R: Reversible Motor
   T:  Torque Motor
c. K: K series
d. Output Electricity: 6 = 6W
e. R: signifies the motor is with a pace adjustable motor
f.  Sort of Motor Shaft
    GN: GN sort common ponion shaft
    GU: GU variety enhanced pinion shaft
     A: Round  shaft
    A1: With keyway
g. Voltage – Pole
   A: Solitary-period 110V fifty/60Hz                        4P
   B: Single-period 110V 50Hz                             2P
   C: Single-stage 220V/230 50Hz                      4P
   D: Single-section 220V 50Hz                             2P
   E: Solitary-phase 110V/a hundred and twenty 60Hz                       4P
   H: Single-stage 220V/230 60Hz                       4P
   S: 3-section 200V/220V//230V fifty/60Hz      4P
   S3:A few-section 380V/400V//415V 50/60Hz     4P
   T: Three-phase 200V/220V//230V fifty/60Hz       2P
   T3:3-period 380V/400V//415V 50/60Hz      4P
h. With different components
    T: with terminal box
    F:with enthusiast
    FF: with enhanced supporter
    M: with brake 

2. 2  GN  fifteen   K
    a    b     c     d

a. Body dimension: 2 = 60mm
b. Type of output shaft
     GN: CZPT pinion shaft
     GU: Enhanced pinion shaft
c. Reduction Ratio
    15 =one:15
d. CZPT Sort
    K: Ball bearing
   KB: Increased ball bearing


Mode•Type Output electrical power Voltage Frequency Recent CZPTting Rated Rated Capacitor
Guide Wire Sort W V Hz A Torque Torque Velocity μF
Pinion Shaft Round Shaft mN.m mN.m r/min  
2IK6GN-A 2IK6A-A 6 1ph a hundred fifty .24 55 48 1200 3.five
sixty .25 50 40 1450
2IK6GN-E 2IK6A-E six 1ph 110 60 .sixteen forty 40 1450 two
1ph a hundred and twenty .eighteen
2IK6GN-C 2IK6A-C 6 1ph 220 fifty .13 fifty 48 1200 .eight
1ph 230 .14 forty 1450
2IK6GN-H 2IK6A-H 6 1ph 220 60 .13 55 forty 1450
1ph 230 .14
2IK6GN-S 2IK6A-S 6 3ph 220 50 .076 85 forty eight 1200
60 1.076 70 40 1450
2IK6GN-S3 2IK6A-S3 6 3ph 380 fifty .044 eighty five 48 1200
60 .038 70 forty 1450


Gearbox Variety Gearhead Design Gear Ratio     
Lengthy Life • Minimal Sound 2GN?K 3,three.six,5,6 ,7.five,nine,twelve.5. fifteen,18,25,30, 36, 50,sixty. 75,ninety,100, 120, 150, 180,200  
2GN10XK (Decimal Gearbox)

Allowance Torque Table:

Sort Motor/Gearhead Equipment Ratio three 3.six five 6 seven.five 9 12.five fifteen 18 twenty five thirty 36 fifty sixty 75 90 a hundred a hundred and twenty 150 180 200
Speed rpm 50Hz five hundred 417 300 250 200 166 one hundred twenty a hundred eighty three sixty fifty forty one thirty 25 20 sixteen fifteen 12.5 10 eight.three seven.5
60Hz 600 500 360 three hundred 240 200 one hundred forty four one hundred twenty 100 seventy two sixty fifty 36 30 24 20 eighteen fifteen 12 ten nine
2IK6GN-A 2GN?K 50Hz .twelve .14 .19 .23 .29 .35 .forty nine .fifty eight .7 .88 1.1 1.3 one.6 1.9 two.four two.9 3 3 3 three 3
2IK6GN-C one.22 one.43 one.ninety four two.35 two.ninety six 3.57 five five.ninety two 7.fourteen 8.ninety eight 11.2 thirteen.three 16.3 19.four 24.5 29.six 30 thirty 30 30 thirty
2IK6GN-H 60Hz .1 .12 .sixteen .19 .24 .29 .41 .forty nine .58 .73 .88 1.3 one.6 two two.four two.six 3 3 three 3
2IK6GN-S one.02 1.22 1.sixty three 1.ninety four two.45 2.ninety six 4.18 5 5.ninety two 7.forty five eight.ninety eight eleven.2 13.3 16.3 20.4 24.5 26.5 30 30 30 30


Gear motor:


Design Capacitor Product L W H
Pinion Shaft Round Shaft
2IK6GN-A 2IK6A-A ZD35CFAUL 38 19.five 31
2IK6GN-E 2IK6A-E ZD20CFAUL 36 15 25
2IK6GN-C 2IK6A-C ZD08CFAUL 36 10.five 20

Wiring Diagram

Be aware:

one.The course of motor rotation is as viewed from the shaft end of motor. CW signifies the clockwise path, whilst CCW signifies the counterclockwise route.

2. Identify indicated in the listing is pinion shaft sort, also valid for the equal spherical shaft type.


Q: What’re your major products?
A: We presently generate Brushed DC Motors, Brushed DC Equipment Motors, Planetary DC Gear Motors, Brushless DC Motors, AC Motors, High Precision Planetary Gearbox and Precision Cycloidal Gearbox etc.. You can check the technical specs for previously mentioned motors on our website and you can e mail us to recommend required motors for each your specification too.

Q: How to decide on a suitable motor or gearbox?
A:If you have motor images or drawings to demonstrate us, or you have thorough specifications, this sort of as, voltage, velocity, torque, motor dimensions, operating mode of the motor, required life span and sound amount etc, remember to do not hesitate to permit us know, then we can advise ideal motor for every your ask for accordingly.

Q: Do you have a CZPT provider for your standard motors or gearboxes?
A: Yes, we can customise for each your ask for for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft dimensions/form. If you require added wires/cables soldered on the terminal or want to incorporate connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it also.

Q: Do you have an individual layout service for motors?
A: Yes, we would like to style motors individually for our consumers, but some variety of  molds are necessory to be developped which may possibly need to have precise price and design and style charging. 

Q: What is your lead time?
A: CZPTly talking, our standard regular merchandise will need to have 15-30days, a bit lengthier for CZPT goods. But we are extremely adaptable on the direct time, it will count on the particular orders.

Best Price Squre Type 60mm AC Gear and Induction Motor