C 06 Elevator Lift Over Speed Control Speed Limiter Governor 240 Tension

C 06 Elevator Lift Over Speed Control Speed Limiter Governor 240 Tension

Rigidity system

Digital CZPT Elevate Pace Governor Limiter Regulator Product Introduction…

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An overspeed governor is an elevator gadget which act as a stop unit in case the elevator runs outside of the rated pace. This unit have to be set up in the traction elevators and roped hydraulic elevators.

CZPT pace limiter and Rigidity Device  is one particular of the security control unit of elevator basic safety protection technique. We have types of sequence of pace limiter with rigidity unit for selection.  can be applied to distinct arrangement of elevator.

When the overspeed is overspeed, the power source is lower off by slicing off the overspeed switch, and the auto is stopped. Perform as an overspeed defense.

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Normal governor designs incorporate a sheave coupled to a rope attached to the elevator car, whereby the sheave moves in reaction to rope motion indicative of elevator auto movement. The sheave drives a shaft or spindle coupled to an actuation system. The actuation mechanism may be a set of flyballs or flyweights tailored to extend radially when a predetermined amount of centrifugal pressure is utilized to them. Radial extension of the flyballs or flyweights leads to them to get in touch with an overspeed change When the overspeed change is actuated, power to the motor and motor brake is cut, thus creating the motor brake to use a braking drive on the motor shaft. If the elevator car proceeds to increase in speed, a tripping assembly is activated by the fly weights. The tripping assembly actuates a mechanism to brake the governor rope. Braking of the governor rope triggers the Safeties to be engaged and thus cease the automobile.

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Digital CZPT  lift Velocity Governor limiter regulator CZPT Velocity Governor CZPT roomless  high speed avoid more than speed control one way direction

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C 06 Elevator Lift Over Speed Control Speed Limiter Governor 240 Tension