Ce Approved Y3 Electric Motor for Transport Machinery with Silicon-Steel-Sheet Stator

Ce Approved Y3 Electric Motor for Transport Machinery with Silicon-Steel-Sheet Stator

CZPT Introdution&colon

     1&periodY2&solY3 sequence a few-stage asynchronous motor is Y series motor the upgrading of product&comma is the completely enclosed&comma admirer-cooled      induction motor for common function &period It was the latest solution in the 90S’ &commaits total degree has arrived at the exact same merchandise overseas at the starting of 90S’level&time period The item implement to economic lake-off fields&comma these kinds of as equipment resources&comma water pump&comma admirer&comma compressor&comma also can be used to transportation&comma stirring&comma printing&comma agricultural machinery&comma food and other types of excluding inflammable&comma explosive or corrosive gasoline&period
      2&periodY2&solY3 sequence a few-phase asynchronous motor set up size and electrical power grade in conformity with appropriate specifications of IEC and Germany DIN42673 normal line and Y series motor&comma its shell defense quality for IP54&comma cooling technique for IC41l&comma function continuously &lparS1&rpar&period Using F insulation course and grade B evaluation according to temperature &period of time

      3&periodY2&solY3 series a few-stage asynchronous motor the rated voltage is 380 V&period of time rated frequency is 50 Hz&period 3 KW the subsequent connection is Y &comma other power are delta link &interval Motor managing the spot at no more than 1000 m&semi Surroundings air temperature changes with seasons&comma but no a lot more than forty °C&semi Bare minimum setting air temperature is-15 °C&semi The soaked month common large relative humidity is 90&percnt&semi At the same time&comma this month is not greater than the cheapest typical temperature twenty five °C&time period

Thorough Specs&colon


Y2&solY3 motor complex data&colon

Model No&time period Rated Power Current &lparA&rpar




Power Factor





KW HP 380V
50Hz Synchronous Speed 3000r&solmin &lpar2Pole&rpar
801-2 &period75 1 1&period77 2840 75 &period83 2&period2 6&period1 two&period3 67
802-two 1&period1 one&period5 2&period61 2840 seventy six&period2 &period84 2&period2 6&period9 two&period3 sixty seven
90S-two 1&period5 2 3&period46 2850 seventy eight&period5 &period84 two&period2 seven 2&period3 seventy two
90L-two two&period2 three 4&period85 2855 81 &period85 2&period2 7 2&period3 seventy two
100L-two three 4 six&period34 2860 82&period6 &period87 two&period2 7&period5 2&period3 seventy six
112M-2 4 5&period5 8&period2 2880 84&period2 &period88 two&period2 7&period5 2&period3 77
132S1-2 five&period5 seven&period5 11&period1 2900 eighty five&period7 &period88 two&period2 seven&period5 two&period3 80
132S2-two seven&period5 10 14&period9 2900 87 &period88 2&period2 seven&period5 2&period3 80
160M1-2 eleven fifteen 21&period2 2930 88&period4 &period89 2&period2 7&period5 2&period3 86
160M2-two 15 20 28&period6 2930 89&period4 &period89 two&period2 7&period5 two&period3 86
160L-two eighteen&period5 25 34&period7 2930 ninety &period9 two&period2 7&period5 2&period3 86
180M-two 22 thirty 41 2940 90&period5 &period9 2 seven&period5 two&period3 89
200L1-2 thirty 40 fifty five&period4 2950 91&period4 &period9 2 seven&period5 2&period3 ninety two
200L2-2 37 50 sixty seven&period9 2950 92 &period9 two 7&period5 2&period3 ninety two
225M-two forty five sixty 82&period1 2960 92&period5 &period9 2 seven&period5 two&period3 92
250M-two fifty five seventy five a hundred 2970 ninety three &period9 2 7&period5 2&period3 ninety three
280S-two 75 100 one hundred thirty five 2975 ninety three&period6 &period9 two 7 two&period3 94
280M-2 90 125 a hundred and sixty 2975 ninety three&period9 &period91 two 7&period1 2&period3 ninety four
315S-two one hundred ten a hundred and fifty 195 2975 ninety four &period91 one&period8 7&period1 two&period2 ninety six
315M-2 132 one hundred eighty 233 2975 94&period5 &period91 one&period8 7&period1 two&period2 96
315L1-2 a hundred and sixty 220 279 2975 ninety four&period6 &period92 one&period8 seven&period1 2&period2 99
315L2-two 200 270 348 2975 94&period8 &period92 1&period8 7&period1 two&period2 ninety nine
355M-2 250 340 433 2980 95&period2 &period92 one&period6 seven&period1 two&period2 103
355L-two 315 430 545 2980 95&period4 &period92 1&period6 seven&period1 2&period2 103
50Hz Synchronous Speed 1500r&solmin &lpar4Pole&rpar
801-four &period55 &period75 1&period57 1390 71 &period75 two&period4 five&period2 two&period3 fifty eight
802-four &period75 one 2&period05 1390 seventy three &period76 two&period3 6 two&period3 58
90S-four 1&period1 1&period5 two&period85 1390 76&period2 &period77 2&period3 six two&period3 61
90L-4 1&period5 2 three&period72 1400 seventy eight&period5 &period78 2&period3 six two&period3 sixty one
100L1-4 2&period2 three 5&period09 1410 eighty one &period81 two&period3 7 two&period3 64
100L2-4 three four six&period78 1410 82&period6 &period82 two&period3 seven two&period3 64
112M-4 4 five&period5 8&period8 1435 84&period2 &period82 two&period3 seven 2&period3 65
132S-four five&period5 seven&period5 eleven&period7 1440 eighty five&period7 &period83 two&period3 7 2&period3 seventy one
132M-four seven&period5 10 15&period6 1450 87 &period84 two&period3 7 two&period3 seventy one
160M-four 11 15 22&period5 1460 88&period4 &period84 2&period2 seven 2&period3 seventy five
160L-4 15 20 30 1460 89&period4 &period85 two&period2 7&period5 2&period3 seventy five
180M-four 18&period5 25 36&period3 1470 90 &period86 2&period2 7&period5 2&period3 seventy six
180L-4 22 30 forty three&period2 1470 90&period5 &period86 two&period2 seven&period5 2&period3 seventy six
200L-4 thirty forty 57&period6 1470 91&period4 &period86 two&period2 7&period2 2&period3 79
225S-4 37 50 70&period2 1475 92 &period87 2&period2 7&period2 two&period3 81
225M-four forty five sixty eighty four&period9 1475 92&period5 &period87 two&period2 7&period2 2&period3 81
250M-four 55 seventy five 103 1480 93 &period87 two&period2 seven&period2 two&period3 eighty three
280S-four seventy five a hundred 138&period3 1480 93&period6 &period88 two&period2 six&period8 two&period3 86
280M-4 ninety one hundred twenty five a hundred sixty five 1480 93&period9 &period88 2&period2 6&period8 two&period3 86
315S-four one hundred ten a hundred and fifty 201 1480 ninety four&period5 &period88 2&period1 6&period9 2&period2 ninety three
315M-4 132 180 240 1480 ninety four&period8 &period88 2&period1 6&period9 2&period2 93
315L1-4 160 220 288 1480 94&period9 &period89 two&period1 6&period9 two&period2 97
315L2-4 two hundred 270 360 1480 ninety four&period9 &period89 two&period1 six&period9 2&period2 ninety seven
355M-four 250 340 443 1490 95&period2 &period9 2&period1 6&period9 2&period2 one hundred and one
355L-four 315 430 559 1490 ninety five&period2 &period9 two&period1 6&period9 two&period2 101
50Hz Synchronous Speed 1000r&solmin &lpar6Pole&rpar
801-six &period37 &period5 one&period3 880 62 &period7 one&period9 four&period7 two fifty four
802-6 &period55 &period75 1&period8 880 sixty five &period72 1&period9 four&period7 two&period1 fifty four
90S-6 &period75 one 2&period29 905 sixty nine &period72 two five&period3 2&period1 57
90L-six one&period1 one&period5 three&period18 905 seventy two &period73 2 five&period5 2&period1 57
100L-6 one&period5 two 4 920 seventy six &period75 2 5&period5 2&period1 61
112M-six two&period2 3 five&period6 935 seventy nine &period76 2 6&period5 two&period1 sixty five
132S-six three four seven&period4 960 81 &period76 two&period1 six&period5 2&period1 69
132M1-six four five&period5 nine&period75 960 eighty two &period76 2&period1 6&period5 2&period1 69
132M2-6 5&period5 7&period5 twelve&period9 960 84 &period77 two&period1 six&period5 two&period1 sixty nine
160M-6 7&period5 ten 17&period2 970 86 &period77 2 six&period5 two&period1 seventy three
160L-6 11 15 24&period5 970 87&period5 &period78 2 6&period5 two&period1 seventy three
180L-six fifteen 20 31&period6 970 89 &period81 2 seven two&period1 seventy three
200L1-six eighteen&period5 25 38&period6 980 90 &period81 two&period1 seven 2&period1 76
200L2-6 22 30 forty four&period7 980 ninety &period83 2 seven 2&period1 seventy six
225M-six 30 40 fifty nine&period3 980 ninety one&period5 &period84 two seven 2&period1 76
250M-6 37 fifty seventy one 980 ninety two &period86 two&period1 seven two&period1 seventy eight
280S-6 forty five sixty 86 980 ninety two&period5 &period86 two&period1 7 two 80
280M-6 fifty five 75 104 980 92&period8 &period86 two&period1 7 two 80
315S-6 seventy five a hundred 142 985 93&period5 &period86 two 6&period7 2 85
315M-6 ninety one hundred twenty five 169 985 93&period8 &period86 two six&period7 2 85
315L1-6 110 a hundred and fifty 207 985 94 &period86 2 6&period7 2 85
315L2-six 132 180 245 985 ninety four&period2 &period87 two 6&period7 two 85
355M1-six 160 220 292 990 ninety four&period5 &period88 one&period9 6&period7 two 92
355M2-six 200 270 365 990 ninety four&period5 &period88 one&period9 6&period7 2 92
355L-six 250 340 457 990 ninety four&period5 &period88 one&period9 6&period7 two 92
50Hz Synchronous Speed 750r&solmin &lpar8Pole&rpar
801-8 &period18 &period25 &period83 645 51 &period61 one&period8 three&period3 one&period9 fifty two
802-8 &period25 &period34 one&period1 645 fifty four &period61 one&period8 3&period3 one&period9 fifty two
90S-eight &period37 &period5 1&period49 675 sixty two &period61 one&period8 4 1&period9 56
90L-8 &period55 &period75 2&period17 680 sixty three &period61 one&period8 four 2 fifty six
100L1-eight &period75 one 2&period43 680 70 &period67 1&period8 4 2 fifty nine
100L2-eight 1&period1 1&period5 3&period36 680 72 &period69 one&period6 five two 59
112M-eight one&period5 two four&period4 690 74 &period7 one&period8 five 2 61
132S-eight two&period2 three six 710 seventy nine &period71 one&period8 six two 64
132M-8 3 four seven&period8 710 eighty &period73 one&period8 six two sixty four
160M1-8 4 5&period5 ten&period3 720 eighty one &period73 1&period9 six two sixty eight
160M2-8 five&period5 seven&period5 13&period6 720 eighty three &period74 1&period9 6 2 sixty eight
160L-8 7&period5 10 seventeen&period8 720 85&period5 &period75 1&period9 six two sixty eight
180L-eight eleven fifteen 25&period5 730 87&period5 &period75 2 6&period5 2 70
200L-eight 15 twenty 34&period1 730 88 &period76 two 6&period6 2 73
225S-8 18&period5 twenty five 41&period1 730 ninety &period76 one&period9 six&period6 two seventy three
225M-8 22 thirty forty eight&period9 730 ninety&period5 &period78 one&period9 6&period6 2 seventy three
250M-eight thirty forty 63 735 91 &period79 1&period9 6&period5 two seventy five
280S-eight 37 fifty 78 740 91&period5 &period79 one&period9 six&period6 two 76
280M-eight 45 60 94 740 ninety two &period79 one&period9 six&period6 2 seventy six
315S-eight 55 seventy five 111 735 ninety two&period8 &period81 1&period8 6&period6 2 eighty two
315M-8 seventy five a hundred one hundred fifty 735 93&period5 &period81 one&period8 six&period2 two 82


Q&colon Do you offer you OEM services&quest

A&colon Yes

Q&colon What is your payment term&quest

A&colon thirty&percnt T&solT as deposit in advance&comma 70&percnt balance receipt of the duplicate of B&solL or ahead of shipment&period

Q&colon What is your direct time&quest

A&colon About 25 days after receipt the deposit or authentic irrevocable L&solC&period of time

Q&colon What certifiicate do you have&quest

A&colon We have CE&comma ISO&time period And we can use for distinct certificate for distinct place this sort of as COI for Iran&comma SASO for Saudi Arabia&comma and many others&time period

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Our Packing and Loading&colon  





Ce Approved Y3 Electric Motor for Transport Machinery with Silicon-Steel-Sheet Stator