Electric Standard Weight Elevator Motor Drive Weight Actuator

Electric Standard Weight Elevator   Motor Drive Weight Actuator

CZPT Motor CZPT Cylinder

The electric powered actuator is a reciprocating actuator driven by a motor. It is suitable for all linear movement which requirements
reciprocating and pushing. It can swing and rotate by indicates of other connecting rods. It has overload
safety (mechanical and electrical overload security) It is commonly utilized in metallurgy, electric electricity, coal,
chemical and other industries. It is commonly utilised in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical market and so on,
with the advantages of gentle excess weight, sturdy pulling power, lower noise, minimal vitality usage and practical
set up and servicing. , Specially for prolonged-length, large-altitude and harmful scenarios as an alternative of
hydraulic, pneumatic products, can be operated independently on-website and centralized handle.
Simply because the nut is fastened relative to the drive rod, the screw moves the press rod linearly along the manual rail in
the guidebook sleeve so as to make the push rod reciprocate. As a end result, Push and pull motion.

CZPT data and overall performance parameters
one, the doing work atmosphere:
A, ambient temperature: -twenty five ºC -fifty ºC
B, not more than 1500m previously mentioned sea amount
C, relative humidity: <80%
D, does not include powerful corrosive, flammable, explosive media
E, no sturdy vibration.
two, limited-time period function technique, rated functioning time ≤ 15 minutes.
3, the design meaning (this kind of as proper):
4, the efficiency parameters:

NO. Undertaking DSG2 DSG3 DSG4 DSG5 DSG6
1          Section number 2 three 4 five 6
two         Static height(mm) 1895 1955 2040 2075 2155
3          Rise top(mm) 3370 4910 6440 8005 9555
4            Weight(kg) fifty
5      Working pressure(kgf/cm2) 2
8                         Voltage(v) 12,24,220   220

The structure and functionality:
The whole multi-area pneumatic lifting rod program is composed of air compressor, air tank, filter, stress
regulator, oil mist, consumption solenoid valve, multi-section lifting rod, outlet electromagnetic valve, pneumatic handle
portion and electrical control component .
Lifting rods manufactured of double-die aluminum alloy cylinder liner producing, the surface after hard oxidation,
put on-resistant, honing straight soon after the large precision, coupled with the international division of the Secretary-
line production of seals, packing overall performance Increase, the layout of the use of voltage, present limiting, buffer
and other methods, so that each and every section to speed up to keep away from a huge influence when the elevate to obtain a clean
In the inlet and outlet pipe utilised two usually closed two two-way solenoid valve, and is geared up with special
digital control circuit, can achieve the electrical manage movements movements.
Specific elevate speed based on the true force and PTZ lamp fat, the person may be proper to
change. As a result of the general use of tough aluminum alloy, so the all round excess weight than with steel drastically
decreased, simple to move and transport.
If the consumer to accomplish remote control or program-managed, you need to have to specify when purchasing, incorporate distant
handle or software-managed gadgets.

Sort Lmin Lmax D D1 d D2 D3
DSG2 1895 3370 a hundred and forty a hundred and ten 10 75 80
DSG3 1955 4910 160 one hundred thirty ten ninety five one hundred
DSG4 2040 6440 190 160 12 115 one hundred ten
DSG5 2075 8005 200 one hundred seventy fourteen a hundred thirty five a hundred thirty
DSG6 2155 9555 230 200 fourteen 160 a hundred and fifty

Be aware: PTZ board can be created in accordance to person requirements



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Electric Standard Weight Elevator   Motor Drive Weight Actuator