Split Core CT 200A

Split Core CT 200A

The H-CT005 Sequence are break up-core current transformers. The CT can be mounted to existing panels, this sort of as control facilities or load centers, to measure or keep track of wattage. These present transformer’s can be mounted CZPT taking away existing cables for simpler installation. 

1, CZPTal Technical specs

1), Rated Major Recent(AMP. ) 50/60Hz: 240nom(one~240A max)

2), Turn ratio: Np: Ns=one: 40

3), Existing Ratio: 200A/5A

4), D. C. Resistance at 20 º C: one.5Ω MAX

five), Precision @RL=1VA: .five%

6), Stage mistake at rated existing assortment: ≤ 0.5°

7), Running Temperature Selection: -40~70º C

8), Storage Temperature Assortment: -forty five~85º C

nine), Dielectric Withstanding Voltage(Hello-pot): 3.5KV/1mA/1min

10), Impulse Face up to Voltage: 5KV Peak

11), Insulation Resistance: DC500V/100MΩ Min

two, Purposes. 
A, Transportable/Curret devices. 

B, Sub-metering. 

C, Keep an eye on Motor Loads

3, Feature
A, Modest size. 

B, Lower value

C, Higher secondary turns. 

D, Safe locking hings

E, Total RoHS compliant

F, Mounting easy. 

four, Material List: 
NO Merchandise DESCRIPTION UL Card Materials Be aware
two Situation PP3307 E235269 PP   
three BOBBIN D202G15@ E15716 PBT   
4 WIRE 2UEW E164502 UEW/U   
five Direct WIRE UL1007 16AWG E189674 PVC 80º C 300V
6 SOLDER ninety nine.three%Sn0.7%Cu / Sn  

Split Core CT 200A